Think you've got Helium's best profile?

Prove it! We've got a whopping $2,500 give the best two profiles, as voted by PEDESTRIAN.TV readers. Chuck us your deets below and follow the steps to enter.

First, grab the Helium app if you don’t already have it on your Apple or Android phone and write up a creative, witty, funny (or punny) bio that's gonna get you the attention you deserve. Then strike up convo with other Helium users to win yourself some positive tags - it's really that simple. Who knows, maybe you'll find some kind of love along the way.

If the field below hasn't been autofilled, go to the Helium app and open the Contact Us page in Settings and copy your “Helium SR" code.
Cheers, legend!
Thanks for entering! If you're one of our lucky finalists, we'll be in touch.