PEDESTRIAN.TV is a youth-focused online news and entertainment publisher, AKA Australia’s House Of Pop Culture, AKA the Home of the Unhinged, AKA the Bedrock of Bedlam. Here, it’s everything spicy, all of the time.

We tell the stories that need to be told in a language that our audience speaks. From hard news and breaking national and international events, through to entertainment, music, food, style, opinion, and beyond; if it’s hot and happening now, we know it back to front and we can’t wait to tell you about it.


Since launching as a DVD ‘Plastizine’ in 2005, PEDESTRIAN.TV has grown from cult beginnings to Australia’s leading youth media brand.

Initially distributed as a free DVD magazine, founders Chris Wirasinha and Oscar Martin wanted to change the publishing game by creating a platform that would speak to, and resonate with, young Aussies in an entirely new way.

A few short years later in 2007, PEDESTRIAN.TV launched online as the digital House of Pop Culture and immediately got down to the business at hand: Crafting spicy, spicy yarns for Australia’s most switched-on audience.

In 2010, Pedestrian JOBS was launched, connecting eager, young job-seekers across Australia with the job of their dreams. Very quickly it became the #1 destination for businesses in Australia looking to recruit their next MVP.

Nine Entertainment Co. came on board in 2018 and aided a period of rapid growth, and today PEDESTRIAN.TV is an industry-leading digital publisher, producing content ranging from the latest entertainment, tech, gaming, lifestyle, and local news, through to in-depth investigative journalism and unique opinion writing.

We are PEDESTRIAN.TV. We make news, with bite.


Our editorial team is headed up by…

Josephine Rozenberg-ClarkeHead of Editorial

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Alex Bruce-SmithDeputy Editor

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Cam TyesonManaging Editor (Melbourne)

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…and staffed by some of the most talented young writers in the country:

Zac Crellin – News Writer
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Michael Di Iorio – News Writer
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Matthew Galea – Entertainment Editor
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Courtney Fry – Music & Culture Editor
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Soaliha Iqbal – Afternoon/Nights Writer

Saskia Morrison-Thiagu – Afternoon/Nights Writer

Julian Rizzo-Smith – Weekends Writer
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Steffanie Tan – News Writer
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In 2018, the business behind PEDESTRIAN.TV merged with Allure Media, becoming the larger Pedestrian Group family.

We now not only publish PEDESTRIAN.TV, but we are also the home of VICE Australia, Refinery 29 Australia (coming mid-2021), Business Insider Australia, Gizmodo Australia, Kotaku Australia, and Lifehacker, and we’re home to Open Air Cinemas.

Pedestrian Group is wholly owned by Nine Entertainment Co., Australia’s largest and most diverse media company.


In 2020 PEDESTRIAN.TV was fortunate enough to score the coveted Brand of the Year title at the Mumbrella Publish Awards. We were also awarded Best Publisher-Led Advertising Campaign the same year, while our studio team received the Branded Content Studio of the Year accolade.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has scored the Brand of the Year title at the Mumbrella Awards previously, scoring back-to-back titles in 2015 and 2016.

We also snuck our way onto the BRW Fast 100 in 2012 as one of the fastest growing companies in the country.


PEDESTRIAN.TV maintains a steadfast and staunch commitment to our audience to produce content that is entertaining, informative, innovative, and inclusive. We do not tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, or misogyny in either our work, or our comments sections.

PEDESTRIAN.TV takes privacy very seriously, and maintains best practice policies at all times. Our privacy policy can be found here, and our full website terms of service can viewed via this link.


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