Fact-Checking Policy

Our world class editorial team is strictly committed to creating content that is original, accurate and balanced, and representative of the Pedestrian Group values. All content published across our sites and off site platforms should present factual material that has been responsibly researched and reported.

We understand the importance and power of journalism, and know that our responsibility as an editorial team is to strive for 100% accuracy across our copy, headlines, and URLs.

At PEDESTRIAN.TV, writers fact-check their own work, including names, locations, and factual accounts. They verify all sources before publishing – ensuring they locate and credit the original source correctly. While PEDESTRIAN.TV headlines often lean on humour, they are always, at their core, accurate and do not misrepresent the ensuing article.

In order to bring our audiences the most accurate news, our editorial team reserves the right to update content and/or correct errors that have already been published. PEDESTRIAN.TV’s practices for making updates known to the reader can be found here.