Confidential Hirer/Full-time/$80,000 to $100,000

Sydney - CBD/Metro/Inner East & West

Posted 12 Sep 2022

Closes 12 Oct 2022

We are currently looking for someone to run our Australian office and boutique PR and social media team of 5-6.

The SADOM works as the senior supervisor of the Account Management (AM) Team, the senior contact for clients and the bridge between the Founder and the company.


The SADOM is responsible for building and maintaining client relationships, ensuring account managers and account executives are reaching their KPI targets and ensuring The Atticism is reaching billable targets.

We have a very strong focus on staff wellness and were finalists in Mumberlla’s awards as “Best PR Employer.” To that end, we offer a flexible, hybrid work environment, shorter work days with flexible hours, commission incentives, and a great supportive team environment.



As this is a senior role, you must be able to demonstrate your abilities in:

  • Supervising a team of account managers. We have a lovely team of AMs and juniors who will require supervision, encouragement and guidance.
  • Writing effective customer proposals. You will be the point of contact for all new business enquires and will be required to create customer proposals.
  • Managing client relationships. You will be the senior point of contact for our clients, ensuring their needs are met on a weekly basis.
  • Pushing a team to meet KPIs. We have job descriptions, policies and procedures in place to provide the best service – you will be responsible to ensure people are meeting those targets.
  • Demonstrable experience in a management role. This role is a very important one for our agency and we are looking for someone who has previous experience in a senior PR role or has managerial experience in PR.
  • A demeanour that is confident and efficient whilst being encouraging and warm. We place a lot of importance on team culture and whilst we expect everyone to do their job well – we also expect our work home to be one where everyone feels heard, seen and valued.



  • Attend Leadership Meetings with the GM each fortnight, providing relevant information, reports and solutions for business and client problems and offering constructive initiatives and solutions,
  • Host weekly AM Team Meetings, following the agenda exactly,
  • Lead the client facing aspect of The Atticism’s business,
  • Work with the AM team to develop creative ideas for new client proposals.
  • Create, collaborate on, suggest edits and approve all new client proposals to ensure they are complying with company values of creativity, energy, effectiveness and frankness; and that each activity is backed by a short or long term result in line with the client’s strategic goals and vision.
  • Ensure client accounts and proposals are properly planned against team capacity to ensure we are operating at 80%+ capacity at all times.
  • Jump in if and when a client is not happy and works to get them back on track.
  • Keep in touch with clients to obtain regular feedback and ensure they are happy via direct contact or EOM, EOC digital surveys,
  • Push Account Managers to achieve their KPIs and achieve client feedback results of 4+,
  • Push the Account Management team to wear their hats,
  • Propose amendments or additions to client strategies in order to help them perform better,
  • Understand client budgets as and ensures Account Managers to operate within them,
  • Use company targets as a firm, hard rule, and runs Account Managers to exceed them,
  • Stay in tune with market trends and new industry methods to ensure we are ahead of the game.
  • Keep the General Manager informed on what is happening within client accounts,
  • Come up with bright ideas on how to increase team performance,
  • Ensure the Founder’s vision is held true, never diluted, and always communicated,
  • Safeguard the Founder’s reputation,
  • Review Account Management team performance as a whole and as individuals, and reports any concerns to the General Manager immediately,
  • Provide guidance and feedback to the team, through the effective use of policy, to enable them to achieve their expectations,
  • Know the Performance Chart must be used at all times and enforces the right people to wear the right hats,
  • Make decisions based on the most beneficial outcome for the company, not the individual.



  • Responsible. You know you are ultimately responsible for anything right or wrong happening within our client accounts. You USE your account management team to solve problems and ensure they do the right work at the right time – they must wear their hats. You do not place blame elsewhere and you assign the true cause of something to the right place.
  • Organised & calming. Creating order out of chaos, able to identify the priorities and smooth the ripples of confusion across the business. You act as the glue and bring together the entire account management team. You are constantly looking for better and more efficient ways of doing something. You are always a step ahead of your team and pushing them to be more efficient and creative – to achieve greater results for our clients. You know and are the most willing to implement policy out of anyone. You understand every job in the account team and what is required to successfully deliver the hat’s end result.
  • Solution orientated, productive and creative. Getting from A to B as efficiently as possible whilst also remembering that creativity is a core value of The Atticism. Never take the easiest way if there is a more colourful way that will achieve stronger results for The Atticism or our clients. You also understand the importance of running good steady control and guidance of all staff and remove obstacles and deal with staff, account or other issues as soon as possible.
  • Reputable and leader of examples. You are the best public promoter of the Founder of the business in the organisation. You are the leading example of our company values. You lead by example internally – you are more prepared, productive, organised, and effective than ANY other account team member. You always look the most professional out of anyone else and your desk and workspace is immaculate. You are seen by staff, clients and partners as consistent and can be relied upon to deliver. You are described by staff as tough, but fair, stretching them beyond their preconceived limits. Respected rather than just liked. You understand that as the senior account manager of the business, there is no benefit in doing things for the sole purpose of being liked or admired.
  • Financially focused & driven. You see the financial picture across the entire business and understand the interaction between the different divisions. You ensure ALL decisions are financially driven.
  • Confident & Humble. You never disparage yourself or minimise your strength or power, yet you also seek to build up others wherever possible acknowledging their contribution and the importance of working as a united team. You easily look at what you have done wrong or where you can improve and are the first to own your mistakes.
  • Empowering. You are considerate and have the ability to understand other people’s viewpoints. You do your best to improve every single one of your team members. Once you give someone a hat or responsibility, push power to them. You build the best possible team but keep them engaged and retained in the company and constantly buying into the vision.
  • No Projection. You never project your own emotion, frustration, or upset onto anyone at any time and you never bring your problems to work. You keep things factual and calm. You always, however, maintain Emotional IQ so that you can communicate effectively.