Here For Good/Full-time/$50,000 to $60,000


Posted 21 Sep 2022

Closes 21 Oct 2022

Applications close 7 October 2022

Here For Good is a music marketing agency based in Melbourne, run by the team at Good Manners, a management company and record label overseeing the careers of artists like Eliott, Kllo, LUCIANBLOMKAMP and many more. Here For Good sits alongside Good Manners, bridging the gap between artists and fans through publicity, brand partnerships, content creation and consulting. Our roster includes artists like Deb Never, Slayyyter, Nick Ward, Blxst, Alice Glass, grentperez, Dijon, Rebecca Black, Wednesday and many more.

Here For Good is looking for a full time publicist to join our quickly growing team, working across label services, publicity and other creative projects.

It is important that the candidate have a creative outlook on publicity as the company navigates away from traditional online music media and into alternative exposure activities for musicians. New tech and trends are influencing how consumers are changing their music discovery habits and the successful candidate will demonstrate an earnest desire to adapt and keep up with new trends, create unforeseen opportunities, have a passion for culture and desire to create new relationships.

They will work across a range of clients that include developing and established artists (both local and international), record labels, events, industry organisations and brands – this will require strong organisational skills and the ability to juggle an array of varied projects with diverse objectives. We are now searching for an individual who is looking for a varied, challenging role with great potential for personal growth and to assist the strategic approach of the agency in our goal of growing artist careers.


$50-$55k + Superannuation


38 hours per week plus reasonable overtime


Fitzroy, Melbourne

Publicist Job Role

To gain exposure in the artist’s desired audiences to build sustainability in their careers. There are many platforms to bring exposure to an artists work, some of these are;

  • Brands
  • Influencers
  • Blogs/Websites (both local and international)
  • Reddit / Discord Forums
  • YouTube Channels
  • Spotify User Generated Playlists
  • Radio / DJs
  • Companies and institutions
  • Industry events
  • Artist’s own channels
  • DJ Mixes

It is the new hire’s role to;

  • Research the artist and their intended audience
  • Build a creative plan to build exposure in the artist’s intended audience
  • Finding audiences and early adopters in various mediums and platforms
  • Pitching for collaborative content, brand collaborations, media/press/radio support, playlisting, live activations, influencer campaigns, forum/discord/twitch activation.
  • Networking and meeting media, brands, influencers, labels, distributors and managers
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy and execution of client campaigns
  • Attending gigs and meetings out of normal work hours


  • Melbourne based
  • Strong networking skills
  • Well rounded understanding of culture, brands, fashion
  • An aptitude for creative problem solving
  • Exhibits creative resilience
  • A deep love for music across multiple genres
  • An understanding of how social media platforms, DSPs and music publications operate 
  • Strong written and verbal skills
  • Collaborative and team oriented 
  • Organised and ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, high-pressure work environment
  • Solutions focussed
  • Access to a laptop and mobile phone

Submission process

E-mail and answer the following questions. No CV required.

  • Evidence of previous music, publicity, marketing or creative industry roles or employment
  • Any extra curricular activity related to music or creative endeavors (if any, not a requirement for the role). Examples; writing for blogs, your own fashion line, photography.
  • University or other relevant education (if any, not a requirement for the role)
  • What values do you want to bring to your workplace?
  • What values do you want in your workplace?
  • What do you think is most important in growing an artist’s career?
  • What skills do you have that could contribute to growing an artist’s career?
  • What do you think musicians or their teams aren’t focussing on that they should invest more time in to grow their careers?
  • A playlist of your favourite recent releases