Art Pharmacy/Full-time/$50,000 to $60,000


Posted 3 May 2022

Closes 2 Jun 2022

Job Description

Art Pharmacy & Sugar Glider Digital 

This is a dual role for two sister brands. 

Role :  Marketing Lover

Do you love Marketing? Then this role is for you! 

Who We Are?

We are art curators, placemakers, digital art consultants and art consultants. Art Pharmacy is a full service art and culture agency. Sugar Glider Digital manages all the digital side of the business. We curate, manage and deliver creative projects that culturally enrich spaces and tell sophisticated, interesting and people‑centric stories about place, community and creativity. We have reached all states in Australia.  We are a small team that works together collaboratively with a curious nature. 

Purpose of role:

  • To promote and curate our projects for marketing distribution through all social media channels.
  • Research and write regular strategic blog content and EDMs
  • Curate and support the online gallery and our artists.
  • Assist the project management team with presentations, client relations and finding artists.
  • Strategise and implement ways of increasing the reach of both businesses to their relevant audiences through social media, marketing content etc

Specs of role:

  • Full time  – 3 days spent on Art Pharmacy and 2 days spent on Sugar Glider Digital, we are all in the office together

The job is to be the noisy one in the team who lets everyone know what we are up to. You will be highly collaborative with the rest of the team, but ultimately you are the one they will look to for advice on anything media related.

This role has an extremely flexible jobs list in that no day will be the same, but in short, you will:

  • Document our projects on our website and social media 
  • Organise interviews with journalists
  • Collaborate with creatives / other parties to promote their work and ours
  • Write blogs for our online journal 
  • Promote the Australian arts scene as a positive to our community
  • EDM campaigns x 2 – business and gallery sales.
  • Calling artists and seeking out new artists for our website
  • Ability to brief the wider Art Pharmacy and Sugar Glider Digital team about opportunities: The journalists want to hear about X, which means you should tell them about X in this way
  • Support and promote our art  events using marketing tools to build energy and interest in our projects


  • Blog / article writing and editing experience in long and short form
  • Social media savvy: What to share, who to tag, when and where, how to grow audiences
  • Experience with CMS systems
  • Image savvy: What makes a good image, when is a good opportunity to source images, with a basic knowledge of copyright, image rights and ownership


  • A strong writer 
  • A quick thinking creative, who can come up with ideas.
  • Curious and sociable (you will be meeting a lot of people and seeing a lot of ideas and art!).
  • Happy to learn new skills and ‘get your hands dirty’. We are a small team and everyone pitches in.
  • Attention to detail and you recover quickly from mistakes, turning them into an advantage.
  • Basic knowledge of the local arts scene, organisations and businesses.


  • 9-5:30 full time hours + extra hours for launch events and gallery openings. We do need you out and about in the Sydney art scene networking and being involved in the arts. 
  • Working in an office near St. Peter’s Station.

Further details: 

We are looking for someone to slot into our small team and provide support through business and project administration, content creation and management, and customer support. You may also be asked to implement a social media strategy where needed and to assist with major internal projects such as rolling out our upcoming rebrand, assisting with speaking events and pop-up art exhibitions.

You will be responsible for writing strategic content for the art agency and cultural tourism business, and to support the associated online gallery with curating artist content and responding to developments.

The kind of person we are looking for is an organised, collaborative self starter who takes pride in a job well done and is always looking for ways to improve processes and streamline what they do. The ideal candidate will be able to understand what they do in the context of a bigger picture. There is not a lot of extra “fat” in the team, so they will understand they are fully accountable for their role and the tasks they are asked to carry out.

This is a unique small business setting where we are all expected to get our hands dirty and work towards common goals as a team, learning and growing along the way. You will be working with a supportive team in a position that you can make your own.