Enamoured Iris/Part-time


Posted 14 Sep 2022

Closes 14 Oct 2022

Job description ┃Head of Post Production (Technical finisher)


Part-Time Hybrid: 3-4 days per week. 


This role will be a hybrid local x remote with our office in Brunswick East, Melbourne.

We prefer to have someone based in Melbourne to help with computer and server management, however, our industry leading server ecosystem enables all of us to work remotely, so interstate unicorns will be considered. 

About Enamoured Iris

E.I. is a company that specialises in communicating with Millennial & Gen Z customers; by fusing the art of cinema and the science of marketing, we’re inspired to create unskippable content to help audiences remember brands. People describe us as being bold, provocative, playful, real, and our content as being adventurous, rebellious, creative, and innovative.




Mastery Stop at nothing to deliver your best.

Playfulness Only take your work seriously, and never yourself.

Discovery Always be open to exploration and never bound by convention.

Collaboration Remember teamwork makes the dream work.

Imagination Think big, pull back later.



Type of people who work here: 

Passionate, driven, autonomous, unique, future-focused and self-aware.

United by a love of film and advertising, our team is highly collaborative and inspired to create cinematic video marketing campaigns that leverage off modern advertising tactics. 


You’re a finisher, you see the missing pieces of a project and can take control to deliver to an excellent standard. You have an eye for detail, and are over 50% technically minded. 

This role will play an imperative part in maintaining Enamoured Iris’s high-quality production benchmarks within the travel, music and lifestyle industries, and will ensure the right production resources are in place to achieve business goals and quality creative outcomes for clients.

If you’re applying, you’re not just a good editor, you’re a great editor. You’re equally passionate about sound, visuals, and narrative. When we say passionate, we’re not saying you really enjoy balancing these three elements, we’re talking about ‘OCD passion’, that triggers a shiver down your spine when an assistant editor doesn’t cross-fade your sfx clips, and leaves the audio clipping in the red-zone. 

You’re the type of person who wants to learn more about new technologies and loves to experiment with videos to make them unique. 

Your saved Instagram posts have a healthy pool of emerging artists, inspirational content that you are willing to share with the team. 

Furthermore, you have a general interest in the art of special effects and motion graphics. You possess the basic knowledge of various post-production software to collaborate with with 3d and motion graphic artists.

If you have studied an instrument in your lifetime, please highlight this in your application, as an understanding of music really positions you at the front of the queue. 

Your Personal Characteristics

Passion for traditional film techniques, excellent attention to detail and process orientated, highly practical, clear communicator, excellent organisational skills, team player and, logical.

Job Overview

The Head of Post Production will be a master of technical finishing, responsible for the day to day and overall strategic development of the Post Production department. 

This role will be both managerial and creative, you will be assisting the producers to prepare your team for the weeks ahead and you will be there, boots on the ground, ensuring the final product is finished to an immaculate standard. 

The primary function of this role is to ensure that the department stays within budget and on schedule while maintaining the highest technical and creative standards. This role leads, supports and co-ordinates the editing team and ensures technical operations and workflows are well maintained. The Head of Post Production will work closely with the managing director to implement new technologies across the department when required. 

Daily Life (Responsibilities and Duties)

  • Experiments with new ideas and curates the EI video style 
  • Oversees the daily production/design workflow with the Production Team 
  • Ensures deadlines are met, keeping internal stakeholders up to date of job progress 
  • Collaborates on scheduling of freelance editors, ensuring that rostering meets the companies deadline requirements. 
  • Oversees the delivery of all assets across various platforms, meeting all technical requirements, from external and internal parties
  • Experience working with digital design & video to tell stories
  • Project management, job costing and reporting experience
  • Post-production and modern editing skills. 
  • Expert confidence with the Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Premiere Pro, A.E and photoshop)  
  • Motion Graphics Skills (Understanding of templates to bring new ideas)
  • Understanding of Digital graphic design principals  
  • Colour grading in premiere and workflow experience for in DaVinci bonus
  • Sound design and Audio mixing wizard (The audio is as important as the visuals)
  • Optimise production workflows where required
  • Data management: Manage and back-up data in meticulous detail using our 200TB Server and redundancy process 
  • Update the data inventory, maintaining hard drive and cloud storage
  • Time management and communication skills: Manage time efficiently and juggle multiple priorities, as well as create productive working relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Maintain video and photography libraries: Ingest, clip and upload video and photo content for the media libraries.
  • Occasionally work alongside sales to provide post budget estimations
  • Commit to ongoing personal growth in advertising knowledge and cinema
  • Provide production research to assist with pitches and concept creation
  • Organise workflow training and induction for all new staff of the Post Production Department
  • Maintain workplace standards and practices


  • Education level: Undergraduate degree in Film, Communications or Media Production.
  • Experience: 4+ years working in a post-production, freelance or a similar role in a production company or internal media department.