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Together with Set For Life, Pedestrian Group is exploring an era of imagination, individuality, and impact with Dream Chasers with no small plans. We're inspiring young Australians to dream big by shedding light on the power of dreams by finding, following, and profiling Australians who are chasing them to make them happen; showcasing what winning $20k every month for 20 years can do to enhance your life.

Not all dreams are world-changing,
but every dream is life-enhancing.


WATCH: How One Year & A Trip To South America Changed This Artist's Life

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WATCH: How This Company Is Getting The Gold Coast's Best Musos Infront Of Punters

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*Div 1 Prize for up to 4 winners, prize pool shared if more than 4 winners. Chance of winning Set for Life Div 1 Prize is 1 in 38,320,568.

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